Febreze: Your landlord will never know
Wind-eze: Food baby abortion
McVities: Stopping the nation burning its mouth
Smeg: Eat like an American
Polaroid: The only photo you take a photo of
Colgate: Get away with murder
Colgate Whitening: Look more tanned
Shazam: When you’re too embarrassed to ask
TENA: Laugh harder
Vicks Nasal Spray: Colombian flu remedy
Nesquick: Pimp your protein shakes
Kleenex: Gets you out of sticky situations
Ray Ban: Hide the truth
Quaker Oats: Skip lunch
BIC: Never buy one
Sennheiser: Do not disturb
LinkedIn: Date a professional
Spotify: The office DJ
Butlins: Kids Las Vegas
Tupperware: Prove you made it
Naked Smoothies: Be forgiven for your sins
Netflix: Always have something in common
Smint: Bad breath inhaler
Pantene Hair Care: Get some peace and quiet
Ben & Jerry's: The start and end of every relationship